Top 5+ Driving School Near Me In Ghaziabad

Are you looking for the best driving schools in Ghaziabad? Look no further! We’ve put together a list of the top 6 rated driving schools in the city, complete with location details, contact information, website links, and a brief about section for each.

1. Maruti Driving School

Rating: 4.5 stars
Location: Vaishali
Contact: 1800-102-1800
About: Maruti Driving School is a popular driving school chain in India, offering professional training with state-of-the-art driving simulators and experienced instructors.

2. Sai Motor Driving School

Rating: 4.4 stars
Location: Indirapuram
Contact: +91-9717391506
Website: N/A
About: Sai Motor Driving School is a trusted name in Ghaziabad, providing high-quality driving training with a focus on safety and confidence-building.

3. Suncity Motor Driving Training School

Rating: 4.3 stars
Location: Vasundhara
Contact: +91-9818725427
Website: N/A
About: Suncity Motor Driving Training School is a well-known driving school that emphasizes on providing individual attention to students to ensure that they become safe and responsible drivers.

4. Delhi Motor Driving School

Rating: 4.2 stars
Location: Raj Nagar
Contact: +91-9312077111
About: Delhi Motor Driving School is a reputable driving school in Ghaziabad, providing quality training with the latest teaching techniques and technology.

5. Saksham Motor Driving School

Rating: 4.1 stars
Location: Shastri Nagar
Contact: +91-9891022010
Website: N/A
About: Saksham Motor Driving School is a reliable driving school with experienced instructors who provide personalized training to ensure that students learn at their own pace.

6. Harish Motor Driving School

Rating: 4.0 stars
Location: Kavi Nagar
Contact: +91-9310000125
Website: N/A
About: Harish Motor Driving School is a well-established driving school in Ghaziabad, with experienced instructors who use a unique teaching methodology to help students become confident and safe drivers.


Learning to drive is an important skill that can make life easier and more convenient. With our list of the top 6 rated driving schools in Ghaziabad, you can find the right driving school for your needs and start your journey towards becoming a safe and confident driver.

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