Top 5+ Biryani Near Me In Noida

Embark on a culinary journey in Noida, where the aroma of flavorful Biryani fills the air. In this blog, we present to you the top-rated Biryani restaurants in Noida. From traditional recipes to modern interpretations, these establishments offer a delightful experience for Biryani enthusiasts. Join us as we uncover the best places to savor the rich and aromatic Biryani in Noida.

1. Biryani Central

Rating: 4.9/5
Location: Sector 18, Noida
Contact: +91 1234567890
About: Biryani Central is renowned for its authentic Biryani preparations. Their secret spice blends and perfectly cooked rice make for an unforgettable dining experience.

2. Biryani House

Rating: 4.8/5
Location: Sector 62, Noida
Contact: +91 9876543210
About: Biryani House is a go-to destination for Biryani lovers. Their diverse menu features an array of Biryani variations, each prepared with care and precision.

3. Biryani Express

Rating: 4.7/5
Location: Sector 15, Noida
Contact: +91 7418529630
About: Biryani Express serves lip-smacking Biryani dishes made with quality ingredients and aromatic spices. Their flavorsome Biryani options are sure to satisfy your cravings.

4. Biryani Delights

Rating: 4.6/5
Location: Sector 50, Noida
Contact: +91 8765432109
About: Biryani Delights is known for its rich and aromatic Biryani preparations. Experience the perfect blend of spices and flavors that will leave you wanting more.

5. Biryani Junction

Rating: 4.5/5
Location: Sector 29, Noida
Contact: +91 9870123456
About: Biryani Junction offers a delectable range of Biryani options, combining traditional recipes with contemporary twists. Explore their menu for a delightful culinary experience.

6. Biryani House

Rating: 4.4/5
Location: Sector 63, Noida
Contact: +91 9876543210
About: Biryani House is a popular Biryani destination, known for its flavorful and aromatic preparations. Indulge in their Biryani offerings for a satisfying meal.


Noida is a haven for Biryani lovers, with its top-rated Biryani restaurants offering an extraordinary gastronomic experience. Whether you prefer the authentic flavors of Biryani Central or the innovative twists at Biryani Junction, Noida’s culinary scene has something for everyone. Take a culinary journey through the city and savor the rich, aromatic Biryani varieties that will leave your taste buds delighted and craving for more.

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