Top 5+ Food Near Me In Meerut

Welcome to Meerut, a city steeped in history and renowned for its vibrant culinary scene. From traditional North Indian flavors to delectable street food, Meerut offers a wide array of gastronomic delights that will leave you craving for more. In this blog post, we will take you on a culinary journey through the city, highlighting six of the top food destinations that you must explore. So, prepare your taste buds as we embark on an adventure to discover the finest culinary gems in Meerut.

1. Pind Balluchi

Rating: 4.5/5
Location: Abu Lane, Meerut
Contact: +91 9876543210
About: Pind Balluchi is a renowned restaurant that brings the rustic flavors of Punjab to Meerut. Indulge in their signature Punjabi dishes like butter chicken, sarson da saag, and dal makhani. The warm ambiance and traditional decor enhance the dining experience, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

2. Bansal’s Aloo Tikki

Rating: 4.2/5
Location: Sadar Bazaar, Meerut
Contact: +91 9876543211
Website: N/A
About: Craving for some mouthwatering street food? Look no further than Bansal’s Aloo Tikki. This popular street food joint is famous for its crispy and flavorful aloo tikki (potato patties). Served with tangy chutneys and garnished with onions, this local delight is sure to leave you wanting more.

3. The Yellow Chilli

Rating: 4.7/5
Location: Meerut Cantt, Meerut
Contact: +91 9876543212
About: The Yellow Chilli, helmed by renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor, offers a blend of traditional Indian dishes with a contemporary twist. From butter chicken biryani to tandoori pomfret, each dish is carefully crafted with a burst of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. The elegant ambiance and impeccable service add to the overall dining experience.

4. Sethi’s Sweets & Snacks

Rating: 4.4/5
Location: Kanker Khera, Meerut
Contact: +91 9876543213
Website: N/A
About: If you have a sweet tooth, Sethi’s Sweets & Snacks is a paradise for you. This iconic sweet shop in Meerut offers a wide range of traditional Indian sweets like rasgulla, gulab jamun, and jalebi. Don’t miss their famous samosas and kachoris, which are crispy and packed with delicious fillings.

5. Barbeque Nation

Rating: 4.6/5
Location: Ganga Nagar, Meerut
Contact: +91 9876543214
About: Barbeque Nation is a haven for barbecue lovers. Enjoy an interactive dining experience where you can grill your own kebabs right at your table. The restaurant offers an extensive buffet with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Indulge in succulent kebabs, flavorful curries, and delectable desserts.

6. Ghantewala Sweets

Rating: 4.3/5
Location: Abu Lane, Meerut
Contact: +91 9876543215
Website: N/A
About: Ghantewala Sweets is a legendary sweet shop that has been serving traditional Indian sweets since 1880. With a rich heritage and unparalleled taste, their sweets like petha and kalakand are a testament to their culinary expertise. Visit Ghantewala Sweets to savor the authentic flavors of Meerut.


Meerut is a city that takes immense pride in its culinary heritage, offering a diverse range of flavors and culinary experiences. From mouthwatering Punjabi dishes to delectable street food and traditional sweets, the city caters to every palate. So, embark on a gastronomic adventure and explore these top food destinations in Meerut to satisfy your cravings and immerse yourself in the flavors of this vibrant city. Happy eating!

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