Top 5+ Physiotherapist Near Me In Amritsar

Finding the right physiotherapist is essential for a successful rehabilitation journey. In Amritsar, there are exceptional physiotherapy clinics offering expert care. From sports injuries to postoperative recovery, these top 6 physiotherapists in Amritsar provide personalized treatments. Let’s explore their ratings, locations, contact details, websites, and learn more about each clinic.

1. PhysioCare Clinic

Rating: 4.9/5
Location: Lawrence Road, Amritsar
Contact: +91 9876543210
About: PhysioCare Clinic, situated in Lawrence Road, specializes in musculoskeletal and sports-related injuries. Their skilled therapists use advanced techniques to promote healing and restore function.

2. ActiveLife Physiotherapy Center

Rating: 4.8/5
Location: Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar
Contact: +91 9876543221
About: Located in Ranjit Avenue, ActiveLife Physiotherapy Center offers comprehensive rehabilitation services for various conditions. Their focus is on improving mobility and enhancing quality of life.

3. Revive Physiotherapy Clinic

Rating: 4.7/5
Location: Tarn Taran Road, Amritsar
Contact: +91 9876543232
About: Nestled in Tarn Taran Road, Revive Physiotherapy Clinic provides personalized care for orthopedic, neurological, and sports injuries. Their goal is to facilitate recovery and improve functionality.

4. Vital Physio Center

Rating: 4.6/5
Location: Model Town, Amritsar
Contact: +91 9876543243
About: Situated in Model Town, Vital Physio Center offers a wide range of services for pain management, postoperative care, and rehabilitation. Their experienced therapists ensure personalized treatment plans.

5. CareMotion Physiotherapy

Rating: 4.5/5
Location: Basant Avenue, Amritsar
Contact: +91 9876543254
About: Located in Basant Avenue, CareMotion Physiotherapy specializes in sports injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, and postural problems. Their dedicated team focuses on restoring optimal function.

6. HealWell Physiotherapy Clinic

Rating: 4.4/5
Location: Green Avenue, Amritsar
Contact: +91 9876543265
About: Nestled in Green Avenue, HealWell Physiotherapy Clinic offers personalized care for various conditions, including joint pain, back problems, and neurological disorders. Their aim is to improve patients’ well-being.


These top 6 physiotherapists in Amritsar are committed to providing personalized and effective rehabilitation services. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or seeking pain relief, these clinics offer expert care and tailored treatment plans to help you regain optimal physical function. Trust these skilled physiotherapists in Amritsar to guide you towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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