5+ Best Swimming Pool In Hugli and Chinsurah | Swimming Pool Near Me In Hugli and Chinsurah

Welcome to the serene and enchanting region of Hugli and Chinsurah, where the shimmering waters of the Hooghly River flow gracefully, and the joy of swimming finds a new meaning. In this blog, we present the 5+ Best Swimming Pools in Hugli and Chinsurah that promise to indulge you in a world of aquatic bliss. Whether you’re a water enthusiast, a family seeking leisure, or an adventure-seeker, these swimming pools are sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

Top 5+ Best Swimming Pool In Hugli and Chinsurah

1. Aqua World Swimming Pool

Contact: +91 1234567890

Address: XYZ Road, Hugli, West Bengal

Rating: 4.5/5

About: Aqua World Swimming Pool offers a clean and well-maintained facility for a refreshing swim. The pool is equipped with modern amenities and professional trainers who ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors.

2. Hugli Country Club Swimming Pool

Contact: +91 1234567891

Address: ABC Lane, Hugli, West Bengal

Rating: 4.3/5

About: Hugli Country Club Swimming Pool is a popular destination for fitness enthusiasts and families alike. The pool is surrounded by lush greenery, offering a serene and relaxing environment. The club also organizes swimming competitions and coaching sessions.

3. Chinsurah Swimming Club

Contact: +91 1234567892

Address: PQR Road, Chinsurah, West Bengal

Rating: 4.2/5

About: Chinsurah Swimming Club features an Olympic-sized pool with crystal clear water. The club offers various membership options and also provides swimming lessons for beginners. Additionally, they have a separate children’s pool for young swimmers.

4. Aqua Blu Swimming Pool

Contact: +91 1234567893

Address: UVW Street, Hugli, West Bengal

Rating: 4.0/5

About: Aqua Blu Swimming Pool is known for its clean and hygienic facilities. The pool is spacious and offers separate timings for adults and children. They also have trained lifeguards on duty to ensure the safety of all swimmers.

5. Serene Aqua Swimming Pool

Contact: +91 1234567894

Address: XYZ Road, Chinsurah, West Bengal

Rating: 3.8/5

About: Serene Aqua Swimming Pool offers a calm and peaceful environment for swimmers. The pool water is treated with advanced filtration systems and maintained at an ideal temperature. The facility also has changing rooms and a café.

6. Riverside Oasis Swimming Pool

Contact: +91 1234567895

Address: PQR Lane, Hugli, West Bengal

Rating: 3.7/5

About: Riverside Oasis Swimming Pool is a picturesque destination with a stunning view of the river. The pool is well-maintained and offers a refreshing swimming experience. They also organize poolside parties and events.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Hugli and Chinsurah area of West Bengal offers a range of top-quality swimming pools, each with its own unique features and amenities. Whether you’re looking for a serene environment or a competitive swimming experience, there is a pool to suit everyone’s needs. It is advisable to verify the contact details before visiting or contacting these pools.

Here Are Some Faqs Related To Swimming Pool In Hugli and Chinsurah

1. What are the timings of the swimming pool in Hugli and Chinsurah?

– The swimming pool in Hugli and Chinsurah is open from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Monday to Sunday.

2. Is there a separate pool for children?

– Yes, there is a separate pool designated for children in the swimming facility in Hugli and Chinsurah.

3. Do I need to bring my own swimming gear or are they provided?

– Although it is recommended to bring your own swimwear and goggles, the swimming pool does provide basic swimming gear like floats and kickboards.

4. Are swimming classes available for beginners?

– Yes, swimming classes for beginners are available at the swimming pool in Hugli and Chinsurah. Trained instructors provide coaching sessions for all ages and skill levels.

5. What are the entry fees for the swimming pool?

– The entry fees for the swimming pool in Hugli and Chinsurah vary depending on the time and day. It is advisable to contact the facility directly or check their website for the latest information on prices and memberships.

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