5+ Best Swimming Pool In Proddatur | Swimming Pool Near Me In Proddatur

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best swimming pools in Proddatur! Whether you’re a local resident seeking a refreshing escape from the scorching heat or a traveler looking for a relaxing oasis, Proddatur boasts some incredible swimming pools that will cater to your aquatic desires. In this blog, we’ll dive into 5+ best swimming pools in Proddatur that stand out for their outstanding facilities, breathtaking ambiance, and top-notch services. Get ready to take a plunge into a world of aquatic bliss as we explore the hidden gems of Proddatur’s swimming pool scene.

Top 5+ Best Swimming Pool In Proddatur

1. The Gateway Hotel, Proddatur

Contact details: +91 8552 290961

Address: 6/14, Saddak Street, Proddatur

Rating: 4.5/5

About: The Gateway Hotel in Proddatur features a well-maintained swimming pool for guests. The pool is clean and offers a great place to relax and unwind. With comfortable seating arrangements and a serene ambiance, this swimming pool provides an ideal getaway for a refreshing swim.

2. Hotel Rajdhani, Proddatur

Contact details: +91 98494 37666

Address: 24/1-33, Raghavendra Complex, Proddatur

Rating: 4.3/5

About: Hotel Rajdhani offers a beautiful swimming pool to its guests. The pool area is well-maintained, and the water is clean and hygienic. Guests can enjoy swimming or lounge by the poolside with their friends and family. It is a great spot to beat the heat and relax.

3. Hotel Balaji Grand, Proddatur

Contact details: +91 8552 250177

Address: Door No: 2-221, Kadapa Main Road, Proddatur

Rating: 4.1/5

About: The swimming pool at Hotel Balaji Grand is designed to provide a luxurious and refreshing experience to guests. The pool is clean, spacious, and surrounded by lush greenery, creating a tranquil ambiance. Whether you want to take a dip or simply lounge by the poolside, Hotel Balaji Grand’s swimming pool offers a relaxing retreat.

4. Haritha Hotel, Proddatur

Contact details: +91 94408 18872

Address: Near Almaspur Toll Gate, Haripuram, Proddatur

Rating: 4/5

About: Haritha Hotel features a well-maintained swimming pool for its guests. The pool area is clean and offers a peaceful environment. Whether you are a swimmer or just looking to relax by the pool, Haritha Hotel provides a good option for both.

5. Kcp Paradise, Proddatur

Contact details: +91 94404 84632

Address: 25-193, Brahmanapalli Road, Proddatur

Rating: 3.9/5

About: Kcp Paradise boasts a decent swimming pool for its guests. The pool area is well-maintained and provides a refreshing experience. Guests can enjoy swimming or simply relax by the poolside and soak up the sun. The pool offers a serene atmosphere for unwinding and rejuvenating.

6. Hotel Sree Krishna Residency, Proddatur

Contact details: +91 99668 10828

Address: 15/481, Near RTC Bus Stand, Proddatur

Rating: 3.8/5

About: Hotel Sree Krishna Residency features a small swimming pool for guests to enjoy. The pool offers a clean and comfortable environment for a refreshing swim. It is a great place to cool off and relax during your stay at the hotel.

Final Words

Proddatur’s swimming pool offerings are undoubtedly a dream come true for both locals and visitors seeking a delightful aquatic experience. From luxurious resort-style pools to family-friendly venues, this charming city has something to cater to every swimmer’s preference. Whether you’re seeking an invigorating workout or a leisurely dip, these top five-plus swimming pools have you covered.

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