5+ Best Swimming Pool In Bally | Swimming Pool Near Me In Bally

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, these aquatic havens are sure to provide you with a splashing good time. From serene oases to family-friendly spots, Bally offers a diverse range of swimming pools that cater to every preference. Dive into this comprehensive guide and discover the 5+ best swimming pools in Bally that promise not only a respite from the sun but also an unforgettable aquatic experience.

Top 5+ Best Swimming Pool In Bally

1. Aquatica Water Park and Resort

Contact Details: +91 98300 50090

Address: Kochpukur, Near Rajarhat New Town, Kolkata, West Bengal

Rating: 4.6/5

About: Aquatica Water Park and Resort is a popular destination for swimming and water activities in Bally. It offers various pools, including a wave pool, rain dance pool, and kids’ pool. Additionally, it also has thrilling water slides and rides for visitors of all ages. The resort provides a relaxing ambiance and excellent facilities for a memorable swimming experience.

2. Club Verde Vista

Contact Details: +91 92306 23984

Address: 458/1B, Topsia Road, Topsia, Kolkata, West Bengal

Rating: 4.5/5

About: Club Verde Vista is a well-known swimming pool facility in Bally. It offers a large swimming pool with crystal clear water and proper maintenance. The club also organizes swimming lessons and competitions for both kids and adults. With its tranquil atmosphere, the pool provides a refreshing escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

3. Country Roads Resort

Contact Details: +91 33 2480 0880

Address: 207/2, Bishnupur, Pailan, Kolkata, West Bengal

Rating: 4.4/5

About: Country Roads Resort features a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by lush greenery. The pool is well-maintained and offers a serene environment for swimming and relaxation. Visitors can also enjoy the resort’s other amenities, including a spa, restaurant, and sports facilities.

4. Hyatt Regency Kolkata

Contact Details: +91 33 6820 1234

Address: JA-1, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal

Rating: 4.3/5

About: Hyatt Regency Kolkata is a luxurious hotel that houses an exquisite outdoor swimming pool. The pool provides a perfect setting for a refreshing swim or sunbathing. The hotel’s world-class amenities and impeccable service ensure a blissful experience for visitors.

5. The Sonnet Hotel

Contact Details: +91 33 6633 9000

Address: Block-DD, Plot No. 8, Sector I, Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal

Rating: 4.2/5

About: The Sonnet Hotel features a rooftop swimming pool with breathtaking views of the city. The pool is well-maintained and offers a tranquil environment for swimming and relaxation. Along with the pool, the hotel also offers luxurious accommodations, a fitness center, and a spa.

6. ITC Sonar Kolkata

Contact Details: +91 33 2345 4545

Address: J.B.S. Haldane Avenue, Tangra, Kolkata, West Bengal

Rating: 4.1/5

About: ITC Sonar Kolkata is a renowned luxury hotel that includes an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by lush green gardens. The pool offers a serene ambiance for a leisurely swim or sunbathing. Visitors can also enjoy the hotel’s award-winning restaurants, spa, and well-appointed rooms.

Final Words

Remember, as you plan your aquatic adventures, to prioritize safety, hygiene, and follow the pool rules to ensure an enjoyable and worry-free experience. So, grab your swimwear, sunscreen, and a sense of adventure as you embark on a journey to explore these fantastic swimming pool destinations in Bally. Get ready to create lasting memories and make a splash in the coolest spots in town!

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