5+ Best Swimming Pool In Cuttack | Swimming Pool Near Me In Cuttack

We’ve compiled a list of the 5+ best swimming pools in Cuttack that offer the perfect escape for water enthusiasts and families alike. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing dip, a place to practice your strokes, or a fun-filled day with friends and family, Cuttack’s swimming pool scene has something for everyone.

Top 5+ Best Swimming Pool In Cuttack

1. Trident Hotel Cuttack

Contact Details: +91-671-2301010

Address: CB-1, Tata Housing Complex, Jagatpur, Cuttack, Odisha 754021

Rating: 4.5/5

About: The swimming pool at Trident Hotel Cuttack is a luxurious and well-maintained facility. It offers a refreshing and relaxing experience for guests, along with amenities like poolside seating, towel service, and a poolside bar.

2. Themmadiy’s Hotel and Resort

Contact Details: +91-9238109279

Address: NH16, Firang Bazaar, Sailashree Vihar, Cuttack, Odisha 753014

Rating: 4/5

About: The swimming pool at Themmadiy’s Hotel and Resort is known for its cleanliness and tranquil ambiance. It is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a serene spot for swimming or sunbathing.

3. The Triple C’s Hotel

Contact Details: +91-7891947465

Address: OMP Square, Mangalabag, Cuttack, Odisha 753001

Rating: 3.9/5

About: The Triple C’s Hotel features a well-maintained swimming pool that is perfect for a quick dip or a relaxing swim. The pool area also has comfortable seating arrangements and a poolside restaurant.

4. Ambica Residency Hotel

Contact Details: +91-671-2322401

Address: Plot No-A2, Prafulla Nagar, Link Road, Behind Surya Bagicha, Cuttack, Odisha 753012

Rating: 3.8/5

About: Ambica Residency Hotel offers a clean and well-maintained swimming pool for its guests. The pool is suitable for both adults and children and offers a pleasant swimming experience.

5. Sheetal Residency

Contact Details: +91-9437173776

Address: NESCO Campus, Near HPCL Petrol Pump, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Road, Cuttack, Odisha 753004

Rating: 3.7/5

About: Sheetal Residency boasts a decent-sized swimming pool where guests can relax and unwind. The pool also offers beautiful views of the surrounding greenery, enhancing the overall experience.

6. Sagar Resort

Contact Details: +91-671-2599525

Address: N.H.-5, Baranga, Cuttack, Odisha 754005

Rating: 3.5/5

About: Sagar Resort features a well-maintained swimming pool that offers a refreshing retreat for guests. The pool is designed for both leisurely swims and recreational activities and is accompanied by a beautifully landscaped area.

Final Words

In conclusion, Cuttack boasts an array of outstanding swimming pools, each with its own set of offerings and ambiance. From serene retreats to lively aquatic centers, these pools cater to all preferences and age groups. Plan your visit to these top 5+ swimming pools and dive into a world of aquatic delight. Remember to pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and a splash of enthusiasm as you embark on a journey of aquatic bliss in the heart of Cuttack.

Here Are Some Faqs Related To Swimming Pool In Cuttack

1. Are swimming pools in Cuttack open to the public?

– Yes, there are several swimming pools in Cuttack that are open to the public for recreational or training purposes.

2. How can I access a swimming pool in Cuttack?

– To access a swimming pool in Cuttack, you can either become a member of a club or pay a daily usage fee at the public swimming pools.

3. Are there swimming lessons available at swimming pools in Cuttack?

– Yes, many swimming pools in Cuttack offer swimming lessons for both children and adults, taught by certified instructors.

4. What are the operating hours of swimming pools in Cuttack?

– The operating hours of swimming pools may vary depending on the facility. However, most swimming pools in Cuttack are open in the mornings and evenings.

5. Do swimming pools in Cuttack have lifeguards on duty?

– Yes, for the safety of swimmers, most swimming pools in Cuttack have trained lifeguards on duty during operational hours.

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