5+ Best Swimming Pool In Sambalpur | Swimming Pool Near Me In Sambalpur

Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or just looking to cool off, these splendid pools offer a serene oasis for all water enthusiasts. In this guide, we’ve curated a list of the 5+ best swimming pools in Sambalpur that promise a perfect blend of leisure and recreation. From luxurious resorts to community-friendly pools, Sambalpur has it all.

Top 5+ Best Swimming Pool In Sambalpur

1. Hotel Harjit Residency Swimming Pool

Contact: +91-9937010070

Address: Budharaja, Sambalpur, Odisha

Rating: 4.5/5

About: Hotel Harjit Residency offers a clean and well-maintained swimming pool facility. It is located in a convenient location and has received positive feedback from visitors.

2. Hotel Kalpana Palace Swimming Pool

Contact: +91-9861117965

Address: VIMSAR Road, Ainthapali, Sambalpur, Odisha

Rating: 4/5

About: Hotel Kalpana Palace provides a swimming pool for its guests. The pool is well-kept and offers a refreshing experience for visitors staying at the hotel.

3. Swastik Hotel and Convention Centre Swimming Pool

Contact: +91-9437068585

Address: Khetrajpur, Sambalpur, Odisha

Rating: 4.2/5

About: Swastik Hotel and Convention Centre features a beautiful swimming pool for its guests. The pool area provides a serene environment for relaxation and enjoyment.

4. Hotel Sheela Towers Swimming Pool

Contact: +91-9437550051

Address: Modipada, Sambalpur, Odisha

Rating: 4.3/5

About: Hotel Sheela Towers offers a well-maintained swimming pool on its premises. Guests can enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool after a long day of sightseeing or business meetings.

5. Hotel Urmee Swimming Pool

Contact: +91-7894490124

Address: Sharma Chowk, Khetrajpur, Sambalpur, Odisha

Rating: 4.1/5

About: Hotel Urmee features a clean and spacious swimming pool. It provides a peaceful ambiance for guests to relax and rejuvenate during their stay.

6. Hotel Kaveri Swimming Pool

Contact: +91-9437074339

Address: Govindtola, Budharaja, Sambalpur, Odisha

Rating: 4/5

About: Hotel Kaveri offers a swimming pool facility for its guests. The pool is well-maintained and provides a pleasant atmosphere for visitors to enjoy a swim.

Final Words

Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly environment or a tranquil escape, these pools cater to every preference. Make a splash in the well-maintained pools, soak up the sun on comfortable loungers, and relish the joy of swimming in these aquatic gems. With a variety of amenities and stunning settings, these swimming pools are more than just places to swim – they are havens of relaxation and recreation.

Here Are Some Faqs Related To Swimming Pool In Sambalpur

1. Where can I find a swimming pool in Sambalpur?

There are several options for swimming pools in Sambalpur, including hotels, resorts, and sports clubs. Some popular choices include Hotel The Grand Siba and the Sambalpur Sports Complex.

2. What are the timings of swimming pools in Sambalpur?

The timings of swimming pools in Sambalpur may vary depending on the establishment. However, most swimming pools are open from morning until evening, with a break during the lunchtime. It is advisable to contact the specific swimming pool for their exact timings.

3. Are swimming pools in Sambalpur open to the public?

Yes, many swimming pools in Sambalpur are open to the public. However, some pools may have certain restrictions or require membership. It is best to check with the individual swimming pool for their entry policies.

4. Do swimming pools in Sambalpur have lifeguards on duty?

Yes, most swimming pools in Sambalpur have trained lifeguards on duty to ensure the safety of swimmers. It is always important to follow their instructions and guidelines while using the pool.

5. Are swimming lessons available at swimming pools in Sambalpur?

Yes, many swimming pools in Sambalpur offer swimming lessons for people of all ages and skill levels. These lessons are usually conducted by certified swimming instructors who can help beginners learn the basics or assist experienced swimmers in enhancing their techniques.

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